Sky Contact Number – 0843 487 1804

Contact Number for SkyHere you will find the numbers you need to contact Sky. You can use these sky contact number to join sky, book in a house move, make a complaint, reschedule appointments or inquire about your accounts and billing.

What You Should Do If You Want To Join Sky

If you are looking to join Sky TV or upgrade your existing Sky TV account then you can call the Sky contact number. The customer support representatives will be able to take your details and setup a time to have your sky connection installed. You will also be able to nominate your payment method.

How To Book A House Move Or Reschedule An Appointment

If you are moving home or want to reschedule an appointment, you should call a Sky agent using the Sky support phone line. You can also call Sky support if you want to reschedule the time when the engineer is visiting. The support staff will be able to advise you how much you will be charged for the engineer to visit your property. They will also be able to tell you if there will be any additional costs due to a non-standard installation. This usually occurs when access is an issue.

How To Make A Complaint About Sky’s Services

If you wish to make a complaint about sky then you can talk to a Sky agent. You can use this sky phone number to make a complaint about the programming or service issues. The complaint phone line will be able to offer potential remedies or ways to escalate the complaint if your unsatisfied with the response.

Sky Contact NumberWhich Department To Call For Billing Inquiries

If you have a billing inquiry you should contact the billing helpline. The billing helpline will be able to help you clarify any issues or discrepancies with your bill. In some cases additional items may have been added to your bill which you were unaware of. This is often the case when someone in the household has ordered a Sky movie. If you would like to obtain a refund or credit then you can call their automated self-service phone line.