Sky Cancellations – 0843 487 1804

Sky CancellationsSky are the UK’s largest provider of satellite TV, and are now also a market leader in providing phone and broadband packages, as well as venturing into the new streamed service ‘Now TV’. With the exception of the last service, all of Sky’s products are available individually or as a package; the latter presenting a significant saving, and presenting the convenience of having one bill, and one central point of contact for all services. However, their service is by no means perfect, and those wishing to use the Sky cancellations number should not feel that there are no alternatives to their current Sky customer service.

Why Would I Want To Cancel Sky?

There are a multitude of reasons as to why you may wish to contact Sky. Poor reception on their satellite TV service has been cited as a reason for many Sky cancellations, particularly in areas that have historically always suffered from poor TV reception.

Other issues that could push the user to cancel could be poor customer service, slow broadband speeds, telephony downtime, or the simple fact that the customer has found a more competitive deal elsewhere (particularly relevant now in an age when TV is being streamed more and more.)

What Is The Process?

Firstly, the most important part of the process is to check that you are out of any contractual ties. Try and cancel with time left on your contract, and the service provider is almost guaranteed to try and charge a fee, or worse still, refuse to let you out early without paying all remaining months off first. Calling the Sky cancellations number on 0843 487 1804 will put you through to a member of staff who can advise you of any remaining time on your contract; the number is free for Sky customers, and chargeable to other network users. 

What Will Happen?

It is almost guaranteed that Sky staff will try and retain you, luring you back with discounts, freebies and promises that ‘things will get better’. In many ways, these free sweeteners can be an added bonus before you really do leave Sky; one call to the Sky cancellations number and you may end up with half price or even free TV for a month or more. However, do remember that you will still be billed at the end of the free period, so be alert and ensure you cancel the service as planned.

Otherwise, Sky cancellations generally run without a hitch, and staff will guide you through the process of leaving or migrating. Depending on how many Sky services you currently use, the cancellation process can vary in length.