Sky Customer Services – 0843 487 1804

Sky Customer ServicesSky is a satellite television broadcaster which also provides broadband and telephone services. The company serves consumers in the United Kingdom with Sky Wi-Fi, wireless hubs and Sky multiscreen. You may shop for unlimited broadband and talk or watch any popular movie by using Sky On Demand. If you need help with choosing the right Sky Bundle for television or want to find out how to connect your broadband router to your HD box, call Sky customer services. The Sky Customer services number will help you to get solutions quickly and all calls are free for customers. 

Get Help With No Satellite Signal

Sky offers a satellite broadcast service to residential customers. If you are not getting a signal, several factors could be causing it. Poor weather is often to blame and snow, heavy rain and thunderstorms can all affect the quality of your signal. Returning for the weather to return to normal usually helps if that is the cause.

If you are not having heavy wind or other weather disturbances, there may be problem with the way that your television is set up. You may also not be getting a signal because your dish is damaged. Call Sky customers services to book an engineer or get additional help with finding a solution.

Broadband Has an Intermittent Connection

Sky offers Broadband, Talk, Wi-Fi and Broadband shield to their customers. They are committed to providing reliable service to their customers and you can get help with your broadband service at any time by calling Sky Customer services. A slow or intermittent broadband connection can be caused by problems with your phone line. You should check to make sure your phone line is working properly by listening for a dial tone. If you hear hissing or crackling on the line, you will need to call and speak to customer service agent directly to get help.

On Demand TV Service is Not Working

Most problems related to the On Demand service which is provided by Sky are due to the router or the HD box. Sometimes there is no connection between these two pieces of equipment. Your Sky TV remote has a Services button that you can use to set up On Demand downloads. Click on Options and scroll down to Sky+Setup. Press Customise and Select. If you have any problems with any part of this process use the Sky customer services number to speak to an agent who can help you.