Sky Departments

Sky DepartmentsSky is Britain’s premier satellite TV provider, offering an array of television packages including speciality channels, live sports events and other satellite exclusive features, as well as broadband internet and telephone services, all of which can be aided by calling the Sky phone number.

Sky TV

Sky TV offers the best in satellite television, from the basic TV bundle to more specialized options. Movie fans will appreciate the great home theatre experience that comes with a Sky Movie Bundle, and sports fans will love catching the big game thanks to a Sky Sports Bundle. Get something for everyone with the Sky Family Bundle, or customize a package by adding on extra channels. Sky TV service allows subscribers to record favourite shows to watch later and keep up with their favourite programs from a mobile device while on the go. Enjoy the best television programming from the major networks as well as Sky’s own channels. Customers with questions about Sky TV can reach the department via email or live chat through the website, or by calling 0843 487 1804 to speak to a Sky agent.

Broadband & Talk

Sky broadband offers fast and reliable internet service, with no slow-downs during peak times. Customers can choose from Lite, Unlimited and Fibre Unlimited depending on whether they are occasional web browsers to busy households access the web from different devices all the time. Sky Talk packages range from unlimited weekend calls all the way to unlimited international calls. The customer who just wants to catch up on a Saturday afternoon and the one who has people to chat with around the globe will both save money with a Sky Talk package. Both departments are accessible through the website via email and chat, but customers with broadband questions can also call 0843 487 1804, while customers with Talk questions will find answers at 0843 487 1804.

Complaints & Support

Sky offers comprehensive and user-friendly technical support for all of its products through the intuitive interface on their website, which walks users through the steps to diagnose and fix problems such as lack of satellite signal, but they also maintain live chat, email and telephone contacts in case a customer needs to lodge a complaint. Which line to call depends on the product – for TV services, dial 0843 487 1804, call 0843 487 1804 for issues with broadband, and 0843 487 1804 will connect to someone who can assist with Sky Talk issues.