Sky FAQHere you can find the answers to Sky FAQ about their most popular products. Sky provides a number of support options and help phone lines. Make sure you are using the right phone number in order to expedite the speed with which your problem is resolved.

Why is the amount on my Sky bill different to the previous month?

There are a number of reasons why the amount you are being charged differs from the previous month. One of the most common reasons is because someone in the household has ordered sky box office movie on the account. Another common reason is adding additional options such as sky movies or sky sports. You can check which charges have been added to your bill using your remote control and selecting the customer service section. You will need to have your four digit number in order to access your account details.

What contact options are available?

You can contact Sky through their contact phone number on 0844 241 0333 or 0818 71 98 09 if you are in the Republic of Ireland. You can also use the Sky text phone on 0844 241 0535. If you visit the Sky website you can submit a help request form or use the supplied email address. Sky also offers live chat support with customer service representatives.

How do I book a sky home move?

You can book a home sky move by calling sky on the telephone number 08432 16 16 16. Alternatively you can contact a live chat adviser by visiting the sky website. If you do not intend to upgrade your sky package then you can also use the online home move tool. This allows you to book your move without having to talk to a sky agent. Sky advises that you book your home move at least two weeks in advance. If you require a sky engineer to visit your properties you will be required to pay a one-off payment.

What is a non-standard installation?

Non-standard installation involves an additional fee as well as the standard installation cost. Examples of non-standard installations include situations where cables are concealed, where accessing the dish would be difficult and where additional cables need to be linked to a communal system. In some situations engineer will need to look at the property before they can determine how much installation will cost.

Can you use the same dish for multiple properties?

Normally you are not able to use a single dish for two different households. However if you are using a communal system, such as a block of flats, then you may be able to share a dish. You will need to contact a sky adviser who will be able to provide advice about your situation.

Sky provides answers to more sky FAQs through the website for their various products. Make sure that you are visiting the right website in order to find the correct answers to your problems.